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  I look to the future because that's where I'm going to spend the rest of my life. 

George Burns (1896-1996)

The Solution

CENTERSONIC is a vendor independent Smarthome-solution which features easy installation, configuration and operation..

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makes your everyday life even more comfortable

Lights, dimmer switches, shutters and blinds, heating, smoke detectors, hifi, temperature sensors, door- and window sensors, surveillance cameras, telephones, TV sets, audio and video components ...

It's so easy

You have full control over all your devices - both at home as well as from your hotel on the other side of the world.




Never want to miss an episode of your favorite TV series again? CENTERSONIC is streaming that spectacular seasons final on your smartphone. Enjoy your entertainment everywhere.

  • Watch movies

  • Watch TV shows

  • Listen to music


Enjoying the Superbowl with your friends?
CENTERSONIC supports you by showing arriving guests on your frontdoor as a picture in picture on your TV. Now you can open the door just by pressing a button. You'll never miss that historic touchdown again!

A romantic evening with your sweetheart?
CENTERSONIC takes care of you by dimming the lights, closing the blinds and directing incoming calls to your voicemail. Just by pressing a single button!




Security is more then just a word. Or a device. It is the combination between hardware and software, which makes CENTERSONIC unique.

Your personal security guard

When leaving your home by just pressing one button CENTERSONIC will close your windows, turn off the lights and regulate the heating.

From now on, any suspicious event around or inside your house will trigger an alert. You will receive an immediate notification on your smartphone, or CENTERSONIC is dialing a predefined number and alerts your with a voice message.

Furthermore you will be able to watch the livestream of your surveillance camera on your mobile phone.

Sounds familiar?

  Flat iron turned off? Ceiling light still on? Door locked?

You will be able to check the state of your home, from anywhere - anytime.



Stay in contact with CENTERSONIC - at home - on vacation - everywhere

Your communications hub

CENTERSONIC contains a feature rich and easy to operate phone system. Don't miss any important messages anymore! CENTERSONIC keeps you up-to-date anywhere - on your TV, tablet or mobile phone. Access your personal voicebox or configure your call forwarding from around the world.

Your concierge - at your service

With a simple phone call you will be able to control your devices at home - for example turning on the lights, setting the room temperature or closing the blinds.

Your doorbell rings while you are not at home? CENTERSONIC calls you and transfers the door call to your mobile phone. Speak to the visitor or open the door!



You want to install our software and configure your components yourself? Or do you want the all-in-one careless package: our serviceteam does the planning, installation and configuration of your homeautomation and entertainment devices.


The all-in-one package: we install your smarthome environment - ready to use!

  Analysis & planning of your desired functions

  Local hardware installation at your place

  Installation & configuration of CENTERSONIC Software

  Initial operation by experts

  Handing over and customer briefing by vendor

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Do the installation and configuration yourself. That's easy!

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  Smarthome Control



  Communication & Phonesystem

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Do you have any questions or proposals?
Would you like to get in contact with our advisory service for homeautomation?

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